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Stucco Repair

Many homeowners will have remodeling done to the interior and exterior of their house. A preferred material for many wall building and remodeling projects is stucco. AC Construction of Oregon, LLC offers expert stucco repair and installation services in Medford, OR.

Stucco is a plaster material that is usually made from a combination of cement, sand, limestone and water. Stucco is primarily meant for outdoor use as it is resistant to erosion and handles all weather climates. When remodeling, plaster can be used to resurface a textured wall to make it smooth, or a smooth wall to make it textured. We extend our stucco services to repair common damages like holes and cracks. AC Construction of Oregon, LLC can also help out with any drywall installation or repair needs.

If you are looking to for siding installation or any other plaster services, AC Construction of Oregon, LLC in Medford, OR is here to help you transform your home! Gives us a call for more information.